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Episode 6 – Road Rash II

It’s time to hop onto our motorcycles (whether the Shuriken 400 or Diablo 1000 N) and hit the road for some high-speed, chain-whipping, cop-avoiding, bike-popping action with 1992’s Road Rash II on the Sega Genesis!


In this episode, Chris and Katie navigate us through this classic and its blend of adrenaline, frustration, and yelling at the TV and each other growing up.  Take a listen as they remember the fun of knocking each other off their bikes, spinning chains above their heads, and desperately trying not to get busted by the police, and then see just how well it held up almost 30 years later.


It might not have the greatest musical score or graphics in the world, but this one kept the excitement going!  Let’s ride!

Episode 5 – Super Mario RPG

It’s-a me, Mario!  Chris and Katie are back and this time it’s to jump into the adventures of the world’s most popular plumber as he makes his first foray into a Role-Playing Game!


In this extra-long special episode, our hosts talk about our team of heroes (Mario, Bowser, Peach, and new additions Mallow and Geno) as they work to defeat Smithy, but also discuss RPGs in general, the influence that developers Square had on an otherwise very Nintendo-feeling game, and Katie will learn just how wrong she was when she said there wasn’t any platforming to worry about during the rose-tinted glasses segment.


So let’s dive in and take a listen, and reminisce about one of the most fun RPGs of its era, and the predecessor to an entire lineup of Nintendo titles that have followed in its footsteps!

Episode 4 – Um Jammer Lammy

It’s time for Chris and Katie to show off their musical chops! This episode, they’re going back to 1999 and rocking out with PaRappa the Rapper’s lesser-known sequel, Um Jammer Lammy for the PlayStation!


They’ll be talking about their memories of the game, they might drop a Blockbuster Video reference in there, and they’ll share a bit about just how far rhythm games have come in the years since the genre started with PaRappa and Lammy’s adventures.


As is becoming tradition, they’ll also do a deeper dive on a video game TROPE OF THE DAY, and see how it connects with Um Jammer Lammy.


Take a listen as they dive into this colorful, catchy, and crazy frustrating rhythm game!

Episode 3 – Jak and Daxter

Chris and Katie are back at it with their retro video gaming nostalgia, this time with a classic PlayStation 2 platformer, Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy!


The first installment of one of Katie’s favorite trilogies of all time, this 2001 Naughty Dog-developed title has everything you’d want in a platformer.  Running and jumping, punching and shooting, fire and ice levels… and a healthy amount of falling into pits and dying and blaming the terrible camera angles.  If we didn’t know better, we’d think the game was called “I swear I hit the jump button!” based on watching Chris and Katie play on Twitch.


Take a listen as our hosts dive into their memories of the game, their thoughts after playing through it again, and a breakdown of this week’s video gaming “trope of the day”, which just might be relevant to Jak and Daxter…


Let’s talk games!

Episode 2 – Vectorman

Chris and Katie return for another retro game review, and this time it’s Sega’s 1995 run-and-gun platformer hit, Vectorman! Listen as they discuss all of the gritty, green, and gun-slinging action of this console classic.


The two hosts will dive back in time in their “rose-tinted glasses” segment and share their memories of the game, how they think Young Chris and Young Katie would have scored it, then after they’ve replayed the game, find out just how accurate their memories were!


Whether or not Vectorman was a part of your own childhood, listen in get a sense for what it would have been like through the eyes of Chris and Katie, and find out what our next game is going to be!

Episode 1 – Earthworm Jim

Welcome to the show!  As Chris and Katie kick off their journey through their video-gaming youth, they are starting with a classic… Earthworm Jim.  This Sega Genesis title from 1994 is full of vivid colors, cartoony artwork, fantastic music, strange enemies, and above all… a giant worm in a super-suit!


In this episode, we learn about our two sibling hosts, why they’re starting a podcast, and what impact video games had on their shared childhoods.  Then, they talk about the game through their “rose-tinted glasses” of childhood and what they remember, predict what they’ll think about it upon replaying it, and then see whether they were right or wrong.


Take a listen, get to know Chris and Katie, relive some fond memories if you ever played Earthworm Jim, or if not, learn a bit about it and decide if it’s worth finding and giving it a play…


Let’s talk games!