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Episode 14 – Gunstar Heroes

HIYAAA!  To quote Tank from The Matrix, “It’s a very exciting time!”  This episode is the reason that GWGW exists in the first place, as Hosts Chris and Katie review one of their all-time favorite games from their childhood, Gunstar Heroes on the Sega Genesis!


Jump in and take a listen as they break down the Clue-style cast of characters (Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Black… such creativity!) and have a lot of debates during the Rose-Tinted Glasses segment about how the game works (spoiler alert: Chris was right over and over, sorry Katie…)


A great co-op game, a huge trove of memories, and a replay that did a great job at living up to its prediction… hop on in!

Episode 13 – Soulcalibur II

Round One… FIGHT!  It’s into the battle arena for Hosts Chris and Katie, as they foray into a fighting game for the first time on the show.  Yoshimitsu pogo-sticking on his sword, Nightmare being a… well, nightmare, and Voldo being whatever the heck Voldo is.


This one is more in Katie’s wheelhouse, and was a much larger part of being a game she grew up with, so it’s a chance for Chris to explore and experience it with fresher eyes (hey, after Chuck Yeager last episode, turnabout is fair play, right?)


Stop on by, step into the ring, and see if you can find Soul Calibur, stop Soul Edge, and save the world from evil!

Episode 12 – Chuck Yeager’s Air Combat (feat. GamingAtTheEdgeOfTheWorld)

Our throttles are at 100%, afterburners are on, and we’re back with a special guest to talk about one of the best flight simulators of all time, Chuck Yeager’s Air Combat!


This episode, we’re chatting with the host of a great retro gaming channel on Twitch, GamingAtTheEdgeOfTheWorld, who brings us a perfect background of video gaming and real-world flying to break down all of the great things about this classic.


Unfortunately, we moved this episode up due to the passing of General Yeager, but we can celebrate his legacy and what he gave to countless future pilots, aeronautical engineers, and just general flying-fanboys/fangirls through this game.


Take a listen, and find all the great things about the game, and just how well Katie did at following the advice Chris gave about how to properly take off!

Episode 11 – Donkey Kong Country

Donkey and Diddy!  Cranky and Candy!  The whole Kong crew!  (And hey, don’t forget Funky!)  It’s DONKEY KONG COUNTRY time, on the Super Nintendo!  We’re rolling and jumping and launching our way through this jungle classic this week, and it’s barrels of fun (ba-dum-tss!).


Swing on by as hosts Chris and Katie break it down, with a special guest-hosting appearance from Producer-Host (Prost) Lisa!  Hear about her experiences and memories of it, and then the follow-up after all three played through the action… including Minecart Carnage, a.k.a. “THAT level…”


It’s a great one, and what a palate cleanser after a pair of 30-hour-long early RPGs!  Let’s do this!

Episode 10 – Final Fantasy 1 & 2

It’s here!  Episode 10!  Double digits!  And what better way to handle that than to dive into one of the greatest game series out there, right from the very beginning?  It’s FINAL FANTASY, 1 and 2!  For some reason, we decided it would be great to celebrate it by doing TWO different 25-hour RPGs and shove them into one big episode!


These are classic games from a classic series, but… maybe not GREAT games.  The basics of the Final Fantasy series are clearly laid here though, and as a pair of gamers that absolutely love what Final Fantasy has become, it was a fun adventure to go all the way back to 1987 and see what they were like even before we were really gamers!


Come on and ride with us through the foundations of an amazing series of JRPGs and see why, in the end… GAINING EXPERIENCE IS KEY TO AN RPG!

Episode 9.5 – Final Fantasy Special!

And now, for a very special episode of Games We Grew Up With… FINAL FANTASY!  All of them!


From Firion in FF2 to Cloud in FF7, Terra in 6 to Lightning in 13, and Tactics to the MMOs, Final Fantasy has been impacting the world of RPGs for nearly 35 years.


As our Hosts Chris and Katie have played many of them over the years, they decided to do one giant “rose-tinted episode” about the series as a whole.  What they remember, what they love, what they love a little bit less, and what it has meant to their gaming lives.


Listen in as they navigate their oceans of memories of these games, and predict how their future playthroughs will go (including our next episode, combining Final Fantasy I & II!)

Episode 9 – Ecco the Dolphin

“Ecco, PLEASE!” … for those who watched Host Katie stream this episode’s game, Ecco the Dolphin for the Sega Genesis, you heard that phrase MANY times.  After many (many) weeks of putting it off, Chris and Katie are diving in and learning the ins and outs of this classic.  The beautiful music and the playful graphics, of course!  But also, the incredibly frustrating controls and lack of information to guide you through the game.


There is a lot of great work done in this game, and a ton of creative and fun levels along the way.  However, there’s also some times that both of our hosts definitely wanted to tear their hair out and rage-quit on trying to play through this game.  Through those struggles and successes, a pretty fun game did shine its way through!


Oh, and then there was a trip to Atlantis, time travel back into the past, and fighting a H.R. Giger-esque alien queen onboard her space ship.  Because, why not?


Take a deep breath, jump on in, and listen to the fun!

Episode 8 – Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater

Hit that skate, bro!


Chris and Katie are back to take us on a nostalgic journey down the half-pipe and grinding the rails on Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, the absolute classic skateboard and skate-punk game for the Playstation 1 in 1999 (and the brand-new remake!).  Going through the skate park, downtown San Francisco, Area 51, and more, they’ll break down the grab tricks, the kickflips, and all the other fun pieces to this game.


But mostly… THE MUSIC!  Skate punk, ska, and (to Producer Kyle’s dismay) Primus… a playlist that helped shape the music tastes of the hosts for years to come.  Five stars, classic all around!


Drop in, listen up, and grab some air!

Episode 007 – GoldenEye 007

The name’s Up With… Games We Grew Up With.


It’s Episode 007, which of course means we HAD to revisit the absolute classic multiplayer shooter from its era, GoldenEye 007 on the Nintendo 64!  From Severnaya to the Facility, the Klobb to Proximity Mines, Paintball Mode to Golden Guns, hosts Chris and Katie dive deep into this game that took the world by storm in 1997.


Sit back, relax with your favorite beverage (shaken, not stirred), and listen to this super-sized episode about everyone’s favorite super-spy!  We couldn’t nearly do justice to this amazing game in our normal episode length, so we decided to give it some extra time and dig deep.


For England, James…