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Episode 24 – Halo: Combat Evolved

I’m sorry, Dave, I can’t do that…  err, wait, wrong AI!  This time it’s Guilty Spark, Cortana, along with the Flood, the Covenant, and everything else from 2001’s OTHER evil-space-computer-themed action adventure, Halo: Combat Evolved!


This comes after the 24-hour birthday stream for Host Chris, during which the two hosts co-opped their way through the entire campaign in one giant (exhausted) marathon.


Listen in and hear the trials, tribulations, caffeine, and fun of having everyone from the show in the same place since before our first episode!


“Chief, we need to jump now!”

Episode 23 – The 7th Guest

Which way should we go now? I’ll give you a hint… straight to the “Play” button on this episode! Chris and Katie are checking into the haunted mansion of The 7th Guest for PC & Mac, and trying to puzzle (literally) their way back out again!


Cake slices, lettered tin cans, first-person mazes, flipping photos, and a whole lot of dumb luck play into this classic that helped to popularize the CD-ROM drive back in the early ’90s… does it live up? Are the puzzles still hard? Or, as Stauf, the mansion’s owner might say, will we all be dead by the time they solve this?


Hit the button, listen to the episode, and find out just how spooky things can get in 28-year-old badly-made FMVs! Otherwise… we’re going to have to start again!