Monthly Archives: April 2021

Episode 20 – Final Fantasy III

Like blind hogs looking for acorns, we’re back to look for the best Final Fantasy games!  This time, it’s Final Fantasy 3… no, not THAT Final Fantasy 3, the OTHER one!  The one that only came out in Japan originally, and only came out on the DS in North America.  And you know what?  It was pretty fun!  It’s too bad we didn’t get a chance to play it when it first came out.


Join us as we work through saving the world with a bunch of teenagers who were told to do so by… a crystal?  Sure, why not!  Floating continents, frozen time, ancient evils, old people with parrots on their shoulders, and dogs with 9 heads.  None of it makes sense, except when you’re Square, building a Final Fantasy game!


Kweh!  Fat chocobo says hop on and take a ride!  Or listen!

Episode 19 – Mario Kart 64

Let’s a-go!  This time we’re hitting the gas pedals on our 100cc karts and racing our way into 1997 and the game that took the Nintendo 64 by storm, Mario Kart 64!  Hosts Chris and Katie hop in (both with Toad, they’re definitely siblings!) to join the Mario crew racing through Kalimari Desert, Koopa Troopa Beach, Wario Stadium, and of course, Rainbow Road!


Drifting, drafting, blue-shell-ing, and failing miserably at finding the shortcuts through the tracks… it’s racing mayhem, and all that childhood frustration re-lived all over again… but with a shiny cup thrown up by an oversized Cheep Cheep at the end of it all, and doesn’t that make it all better?


Jump in the passenger seat (of this one-seater kart?) and give it a listen, and remember all the hilarity and fun that came from this game, and some of its anti-frustration features along the way!