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Episode 16 – Grand Theft Auto 2

GIMMEYOURWALLET!  We’re stealin’ cars, throwin’ molotov cocktails, and… turnin’ gangsters into hot dogs?  Well, it’s GRAND THEFT AUTO 2, what do you expect?!?


Hosts Chris and Katie are hopping into the driver’s seat and rolling back the odometers of their memories to check out this top-down, crazy, violent, tank-driving classic that helped spawn an era of open-world sandbox games, even outside of its hugely successful franchise.


Listen in and find out… can Katie drive a stolen car better than she flew a plane in Chuck Yeager?  Was Chris able to buckle down and finish all 3 zones?  Was everything as good as the two of them remembered?  Spoiler alert: No, no, and… shhh, sorry, that last one you really have to check the episode out to learn!


Slam, baby.

Episode 15 – Super Mario Bros.

A big episode number calls for a big classic game… SUPER MARIO BROS!  In this episode, Hosts Chris and Katie drop down the warp tube allllllll the way back to 1985, and give the OG of classic console games a run-through for the first time since it was near-new!


Hundreds of tries on the last level for Katie, a surprise knockoff Mini console for Chris; this episode came with all sorts of surprises, on top of a HUGE hit of nostalgia, a deep dive down a cultural phenomenon that changed the face of video games forever, and learning that the fine motor skills of adulthood are very helpful when playing old games!


How did it hold up?  How much fun was it for the hosts to try again, and (kinda) succeed?  Did they beat the game?  Did they get emotionally broken down?  Listen in and see!

Tech Talk #1: Flight Simulators

It’s a very special NEW EPISODE DAY!


Check out the first episode of our new bonus series, “Chris’s Tech Talk”! In these episodes, Host Chris will be joined by various guests to talk about the technology that goes into video games, and the challenges that developers face bringing their visions to reality!


For our first installment, Chris is following up our Chuck Yeager’s Air Combat episode with a discussion on flight simulators and the nuts and bolts behind them.


So hop in the audio cockpit and join Chris and his friends, with their 50-plus combined years of professional flight simulator experience, as they dive into what it takes to make a true flight sim, then (predictably) get distracted and forget that they were supposed to be talking about video games as they nerd out about planes!


Let’s kick the low-polygon tires and light the 8-bit fires!