Monthly Archives: August 2020

Episode 5 – Super Mario RPG

It’s-a me, Mario!  Chris and Katie are back and this time it’s to jump into the adventures of the world’s most popular plumber as he makes his first foray into a Role-Playing Game!


In this extra-long special episode, our hosts talk about our team of heroes (Mario, Bowser, Peach, and new additions Mallow and Geno) as they work to defeat Smithy, but also discuss RPGs in general, the influence that developers Square had on an otherwise very Nintendo-feeling game, and Katie will learn just how wrong she was when she said there wasn’t any platforming to worry about during the rose-tinted glasses segment.


So let’s dive in and take a listen, and reminisce about one of the most fun RPGs of its era, and the predecessor to an entire lineup of Nintendo titles that have followed in its footsteps!

Episode 4 – Um Jammer Lammy

It’s time for Chris and Katie to show off their musical chops! This episode, they’re going back to 1999 and rocking out with PaRappa the Rapper’s lesser-known sequel, Um Jammer Lammy for the PlayStation!


They’ll be talking about their memories of the game, they might drop a Blockbuster Video reference in there, and they’ll share a bit about just how far rhythm games have come in the years since the genre started with PaRappa and Lammy’s adventures.


As is becoming tradition, they’ll also do a deeper dive on a video game TROPE OF THE DAY, and see how it connects with Um Jammer Lammy.


Take a listen as they dive into this colorful, catchy, and crazy frustrating rhythm game!